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Case Name: 3D display of the unearthed from Old Greece
Product description:
The head holding famous Bobjeans's idea, it can be used to decorate your house. Wearing it on the head shows its powerful wisdom. It can be a good friend at home, which will show a terrible feeling to your enemy. On some ceremony, it will make you valuable and very proud of yourself。
Case Name:Guitar of Jack
Product description:
Perhaps, you have great passion to virtual reality as the same as members of JKINGSTUDIO. You want to let your favoriates to be shared with your friends.
Case Name:3D virtual Opera Theatre
Product description:
Perhaps you suppose to watch a show in Opera Theatre, without knowing the arrangement of seats. Maybe you are a promotion manager in the theatre. While the result of show performance is not so satisfying. In this case, JKINGSTUDIO can be a bridge which is able to easily solve the two people's problems, The two parts of the bridge can be theatre and viewers, can be hotel and roomers, can be scenic pots and visitors, can be any other roles. JKINGSTUDIO can reach your unexpected requirements.
Case Name:Delicated clock
Product description:
Delicate craft works always arouse people's impulsion. Because of its delicacy and value, owners don't want to allow people to take pleasure in it, so it is not an easy way to know about this product. JKINGSTUDIO will find out solution for you. As regards the 3D web display, it is good for clients to know more about products, getting more on-line orders and on-line clients.
Case Name:Dynamic three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle Castle 3D dynamic drawing game
Product description:
3D Game on-line is our aim in JKINGSTUDIO. This case show a 3D dynamic drawing game castle which resorts to logical construction. It is widely applied in comprehensive dimension, whose main aspects are applied in dynamic city modeling and planning, country resource planning, military affairs, underground resource planning, etc. The minor fields can be applied in real estate demo, construction expectation demo and other fields. JKINGSTUDIO will develop new-tech wisdom-beneficial games.