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About 3D Animation

3D models can be rotated to make different angle renderings and can be fitted with a skeleton to animate them. These 3D illustrations are very popular today for architecture sketches, industrial pieces models, product prototype presentation, presentations for all types of projects, video games and cartoons, and 3D animation is produced in standard software packages, such as 3D Studio MAX, Maya or Lightwave3D, while Eartdesign is a place where we offer a beautiful new medium, with a special eye for its use on the Web. We make use of 3D MAX, MAYA, Softimage XS as the strongest tool boasts more input and output options than any 3D program in its class. Additionally, with Eartdesign COOL 3D animation's unique special effects, you've got a 3D machine like no other.

Eartdesign—Professor of 3D Technology!

At Eartdesign we can create quality realistic images as a result of our professionalism and up-to-date knowledge of the best 3D modeling and rendering technologies. Attractive animations is important for you because they are excellent elements to express ideas and concepts and to give your website a dynamic touch. This type of work will make your website more attractive and fun. It is proved that users feel much more comfortable and entertained when they are looking at a video instead of a picture.

With our first-rate animations you will certainly get the most attention-grabbing 3D animation and obtain the results you aim at! We guarantee your satisfaction. Our professional and trained team of graphic designers implement the latest 3D computer application, Cinema 4D, the piece of software used for movies and video games, offering our clients 3D Models and Renderings that surpass their expectations. We can create quality architecture and industrial 3D illustrations as well as impressive 3D logos and spectacular 3D animations. Our skills in model creation, lighting, textures, mapping, and rendering allow us to create quality images. According to your requirements and needs, your animation project is created in the most appropriate format.