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Graphic design as your "silent salesperson"...

Graphic Design helps reinforce your visual message to your current and potential clients and/or customers. It acts as your "silent salesperson" and helps keep your business, whether on-line or a physical building, at the top of people's minds and top-of-mind awareness.

It takes 7-9 impressions before a client/customer will act on the message they are receiving. Therefore, graphic design helps build and maintain people's awareness of your business with a visual "silent salesperson."

Planning a graphic design strategy is extremely necessary for your business. By creating the right visual theme to carry across all media, it is easier to get your message to your target market(s) and is a factor to determine if your business will succeed or fail. It is used to be that a new business could throw up a sign and shout, "I'm open for business."

Today, it is more complicated and with the Internet, more competitive. Now, people ask: "What can you do for me and why are you better than someone else?" By having a strategic graphic message that incorporates appropriate images and color psychology, you have a better chance of staying at the top of people's minds and having a successful business.

Think of "Big Blue" - IBM, McDonald's red and yellow and the golden arches, Coca Cola's red & White, Pepsi's red, white & blue, Adobe's black and red and the apple.... no matter the business, colors and images are an important part of their brand. Without them, they would not have built their brand and they would not be at the top in the people's minds.

Combine all the elements into a comprehensive marketing design strategy and you have a successful business.

Let Eartdesign be your graphic design team member to help create memorable marketing and advertising materials and strengthen your brand.