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3D Cars Doodling

3D Synopsis of the cars doodling

Car sports has been a vogue gradually, the car owners always hope their cars doodled into the sports style and logos of their own when they take part in some activity. The 3D doodling system is made for car sports hobbyist’ requirement for cars’ spraying and designing.

The system is divided into many editions, we can offer web version and software version for the general users and server version for the community of car sportsThe introduction of characteristic for all the editions is listed as the form on the right.

User-defined background of displaying

You can make to order the scene and can also choose your favored pictures as the background in the setting of 3D for the cars to be doodled, so the cars’ reflect light and reflexing mirror will be sent to your background picture chose by you, it supports the format of png, jpg bmp at present. For example, we can choose the background pictures as follows and get a 3D scene which put the pictures as the background.

Choos the Model and begin to doodle.

!Doodl began on the doodling board。At the moment doodling board supports many kinds of paintbrush and blasting drum , and support brush, pen, pencil, crayon, water color pen and so on.(some are going go a step further), The version in due form will support more brushwork, user-defined format mapper(png, jpg, bmp) and the flash mapper of the cars doodling area. 。NEW!

Keep the works after doodling finished

You can keep your works in place(3Dfiles) or put in Screenshot to the forum to release and discuss.


Simple version Demo(including network version and programme version) w ill be publicized in the site in the near future, welcome to try out on line or download to the site to run. If you have any question, please contact the online service or email to will give you a reply at once. The display of partial doodling works: