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Compressor 3D Virtual

Systems features

The system put 3D virtual reality technology as the platform,base on rock-bottom constructs mode of computer to carry on the emulation for 3D entity and carry out all the operating debuging and maintenance, at the same time all the operating feedback information is reflected to operterors by the relative sports to virtual facility,. The system enrich the query function in the form of connecting Operation Tree and dynamic guiding and make the author clearer for himself , relative position of facility and the operating corresponding to the position. Playback the operating details of virtual scenery by the way of scaning films and make the operators understand the facility struction and relative operattion before getting to entity facility. Enhance the security of the operating for a further step and ensure the safety of people and facility.The system is established in the combination of virtual and reality and a true representation of all the Physics Details of the facility expressed and mechanical function. Even if never contact the operators of the entity facility, and do learning and training on the system platform. You can master the operating in gear of the facility you just instead of being in the locale of the facility if you just need know the settings well, it can cut down human and material resources.。

The brief introduction of 3D virtual training system of compressor for 2D12 Series:

Apply to the natural gas area for the training of facility operating workers. The compressor includs the models 2D12-70, 2D12-140 and so on. Adopt the whole 3D virtual demo and interactive operating and integrate ME particular operating details , teach workers how to operate the equipment hand in hand. Apply to the classroom training for the workers of in the gas station and the usage self-taught for the operators..

The partial screenshots of the system